Dirtnap Handcrafted's First Customer Experience/Testimonial


I would first like to preface my review with a brief overview of my general experience/history with beard products thus far. I am a 26-year-old who decided to grow a beard last November 2016. Since this was my first time growing my whiskers I decided I should maintain the hair to have the healthiest beard possible. Also, my girlfriend had always discouraged me from growing a beard because my stubble poked and hurt her. We made a deal; I could grow a beard if I maintained a clean smell, and used products to soften my whiskers. Thus, my entrance into the beard world began.

My first Beard product was a bottle of Marlowe Men’s beard oil No. 143 from Target. Right off the bat, this beard oil sucked! This oil had no scent, it was too runny, lacking viscosity and generally didn’t leave me feeling moisturized; I felt greasy. I then switched to a bottle of Dr. Harris Men’s beard oil by Mr. Porter. My girlfriend had to order this oil from overseas and proved to cost a pretty penny. While I loved this product, I couldn’t bring myself to pay so much on a product that would run out quickly. Overall, I loved the product though and used it to completion. Having just run out of oil I went back to Target to get something else. I found a bottle of Cremo Revitalizing Beard Oil. This particular oil had a very strong scent which I appreciated. I had no major complaints with any of my scented oils thus far. If I had to pick some things that were wrong across products, is that I feel like the scents don’t last too long which I think might be just a function of the oil across products and I felt they left my beard feeling scraggily.

So, as you can see I am relatively new to the beard product game. I’m still learned ways to maintain and perform proper upkeep of my beard. Generally, I feel like I’m doing a good job as my beard is not completely fried. I’m always looking for new ways to keep my beard healthy and taken care of. On a side note my cheeks are patchy but I have a full beard along my jawline and Goatee area. Take that as you will.  

Dirtnap Handcrafted Beard Balm – Review

            Initial thoughts (prior to use)

This was my first time use a beard balm and I admit I had to do some research on how to apply the product. Initially I was afraid the product would leave my beard hair feeling gunky; much like some hair gels/pomades leave my hair feeling. I was also worried that the balm would pull hairs out, due to the stickiness of the product.

Review (after use)

I was very pleasantly surprised by this product because it gave me the cure to that scraggly feeling I was having in my beard. I was happy to find that my beard was not gunky at all and application was simple. I found the scent of the balm to pair incredibly well with the two oils I purchased. I think the one thing I’m appreciating most is the hold I get out of the balm. It makes my beard feeling soft yet secure in the style I groom it to be. Using the balm alone gives me a matte look to my beard which I love. Using the balm in conjunction with the oils helps the oil adhere better to my beard. I find that the oil is sticking to the balm in the beard without leaving me feeling greasy. Overall, I can’t imagine not using this beard balm as it fits perfectly with my beard styling needs. Great hold, great softening, excellent smell. Two thumbs up.

Dirtnap Handcrafted Beard Oil (Death's Finest and Dead Man's Hand) - Review

In general I feel like Dead Man's Hand and Death's Finest are similar in scent strength and aroma. Both being on the sweeter end of the scale. I appreciate the sweet yet mild spice of Death's Finest and it pairs well with the Balm. In both bottles I purchased, I find the movement of the oils to be perfect. That is, they distribute very well into my beard without being too runny. This may be a function of the balm being applied to the beard because it helps the oil stick to the hairs leaving my beard glistening. Previous bottles of oil I’ve owned have left my neck feeling greasy as the oil tended to run despite the amount I was using. Dirtnap beard oils have a good balance of mild scent with moisturizing and softening properties.  

 In general, both these oils have been my favorite oils in my beard growing career thus far. I like the authenticity and natural feel of these oils that leave my beard feeling the healthiest its been since I’ve started growing it. 

Closing Statements

Overall, I feel like Dirtnap Handcrafted has a great product on their hands and I can’t sing their praises enough. Since I have been using these products, my beard has been the softest its been since its conception. I look forward to see where the business goes in the future. You have gained a customer in me as I’m very pleased with these products.

“With Great Beard, Comes Great Responsibility” 

-David T.